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Bible Statement: seek the kingdom of GOD.

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 Our church families, communities, and areas have joined to improve the level and support for combined church and community support programs.  Both locations have new / remodeled facilities for learning, play and sports themed activities. We are working together to build God's kingdom through shared  programs and services as one church in two locations.

For a sample of previous services go to: www.stmartinsbaptist.blogspot.com

St Martins Baptist Church

211 Main Street, St Martins, New Brunswick, E5R 1B7 , Main office phone 506-833-2250, church 506-833-4924

Sunday service begins at 9:30 am, check calendar for special dates and times.

Fairfield Baptist Church

1395 Route 111, Fairfield, New Brunswick, E5R 1B1, Church phone 506-833-4503

Sunday service begins at 11:30 am, check calendar for special dates and times.

We offer a number of youth, senior and community programs, for additional information of programs and support systems proceed back to our home page and pick the category of interest.

All our programs are offered free of charge to any who would like to come and take part.

Please check out our monthly calendar online for additional information and any changes to the schedule.



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